About Me


My name is Pauline and I own this blog.

I use my little piece of the internet to basically talk when I feel like talking. I don't have a regular schedule for posts since this thing isn't very popular anyway so I don't feel like I have to allow specific amounts of time on this thing every week or so.

Currently, I'm at university doing Fashion Design and I am loving it.

I'd love to go on a trip around the world one day (very cliche, I know) but the world is a big place and I'm just one tiny little human who wants to explore - hence the little..."tag line"...on the top of my blog page: "Just a small person living in a big world".


  1. Hola! un gusto saludarte... conozco a Yunior Hurtado... de donde eres?

    1. I live in the UK and Yunior was only a part of my art work for school.

  2. Dice Yunior que has hecho un buen trabajo, te manda un saludo. Byee!


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