Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Black Friday Purchases

So, on the night before Black Friday, I just happened to be on the Boohoo website looking at skirts (I had a realisation that my wardrobe needs to be girly-ed up a little bit). Everything was fine; I was mindlessly browsing as you do. Then Boohoo sends out an email to all of its subscribers about the pre-Black Friday sales and BAM! the website dies... *sigh* However, it did mean that I was forced to look elsewhere for some skirts and that led to the the gold mine that was the Forever 21 sales!

I bought 4 skirts on sale with student discount added on top (yay!). The striped skirt with the roses was £2.99, the plains purple and the plain black skirt were £3 each, and the dark pink skirt with flowers was £3.99 (prices without the 10% student discount). Bargains, am I right?

During the weekend, I was also at the Bullring with my friend, Carys, and she offered to buy me stuff for my birthday and I got this lovely little thing for £5:

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Bull Dressed As An Elf


I found this hilarious and I can't really understand why but I thought it was worthy of my very minute space on the internet. This probably happens every year but this is the first time I've seen it.

Birmingham is also the home of the German Christmas Market. It makes me hungry even when I'm not hungry. It is amazing to walk through (even if it is all slightly overpriced), the lights are pretty, the atmosphere is busy and cheerful and it smells so good (mmmmmm...).

Oh, and I'm 19! Next year I'm 20. No longer a teenager...
I went to Nando's with some friends, bought some clothes from a second hand shop called Credit Crunchers (I will wash them thoroughly) and then we all went back to the flat to make cake! Red velvet. We didn't wait for the cake to cool or for the icing to harden so the top layer slid off. Regardless of its final appearance, it was delicious!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Friday, 30 October 2015

Living The Student Life

The last month has been amazing!

First of all, I apologize to all my blog friends for the ghastly amounts of Snapchat stories when I'm drunk. I am not a good example of a responsible adult... I am on top of my work though so don't worry about that. I still have my priorities straight.

So what have I been up to?

I went around Birmingham City Centre following The Big Hoot Owl Trail...

...visited the Library of Birmingham...

...and went down an Oreo slide...

All on the same day!

I have met so many nice and interesting people yet I still talk to my friends from back home. We may be in different cities now but we're still as close as ever. 

A few weeks after moving in I decided that I wanted to dye my hair half blue and half purple. So I did.

Two weeks ago I found out I am slightly blind. I'm long sighted so things up close can be hard to focus on and give me a headache. I found this out whilst I was working in the studios at uni. I headed to Specsavers and got my eyes tested and glasses sorted by the day after! Being a student meant that the test was free and the glasses cost £25. The only pair I could find that would sit comfortably on my wide face.

My hair has also faded to a orange/brown colour instead of purple (almost the ginger it once was) and a green instead of blue which I actually quite like. I will dye it again soon though.

Then last night I went to a bar crawl with some of my new friends for Halloween!

What else?
I am now a lot better at cooking for one; when I first moved in my flatmates and I all had the same problem of cooking too much food for ourselves. But that's sorted now. Ish. I can also do a grocery shop for one person and make it last!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Monday, 21 September 2015

I Have Moved

I'm at uni! I did it!

I moved into my flat last Saturday and I am loving it. I'm in central Birmingham, close to the Bullring, a really short walk from my campus and I am surrounded by tons of nice people.

I have a double bed which is really cosy with a thick duvet cover, throw and my DIY cushions! I made it homely really quickly. I decided to make the bed first which, by the way, was a terrible idea. My boyfriend lied down in it and never moved to help once. 

My first night included a dinner of pasta, Dr Pepper and wine (that's Luke's finger in the photo).

I do want to write more, I swear. It's been a long loooooong journey and the past few days have been so draining. I'm really tired and I now have a Netflix account as well as my books and sketchpads to keep me entertained. Living the student life, guys. It's great.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I Went To Paris - 2015

From the 8th Sept to the 11th, I was enjoying a little holiday with a friend in Paris. It turned out to be a slight adventure thanks to an issue with Airbnb which I will explain now:

So, Emily (my friend) and I got to Paris no problem via the Eurostar. Walked from the Gare du Nord to our apartment that we rented out for the three nights only to find that the host, who had out keys, decided not to show up. We tried contacting him and one of the French neighbours tried to help and communicate with us through a translator app. No one could reach him in the end, not even Airbnb customer support so, after two hours of waiting and waiting, we decided to cancel it and find another place to stay as soon as possible.

That night, we stayed in a really cheap and questionable hotel which cost us 70 Euro for the night. The cheapest we could find as we walked around. The room smelt of wall plaster and the bathroom was dark. The carpet was dirty and the floor was uneven. Our double bed was just two single mattresses shoved together in a double bed frame. But, at least we had somewhere to sleep for the night.

Being the classy women that we are we had pizza and wine for dinner.

The next day we left the hotel around lunch time and got ourselves to the Louvre which had better Wi-Fi than the hotel and continued out search for a new apartment from the night before. We sent a bunch of requests and luckily found a place to stay: a double room in the host's flat. He was really nice and showed us all the shopping places around Paris that we could go and wander around in. 

Having a place took the weight off our shoulders...Literally. I could finally put my massive cabin bag full of stuff down and walk around Paris with only my essentials: phone, passport, travel insurance and money.
We did all the tourist stuff and saw pretty much all of the landmarks. 

 We went to the Eiffel Tower.

Every single day we were in or around the Louvre. Our apartment was near it and it was the one place that we both knew pretty well by the end of the trip.

A great benefit for being a member the EU and 18 years old is free entry into the Louvre and on the Arc de Triomphe plus a reduced price to go up the Eiffel Tower.

Paris at night was beyond beautiful and my phone camera did not do it justice at all. I would invest in a decent camera if I had the money though. I loved the lock bridge. I know that the original bridge has been cleared of them but there's so many around the other bridges too and I'm pretty sure the panels of locks in the photo above are ones that have been moved from the old bridge. There are so many and it was so amazing to look at. The Eiffel Tower at night was gorgeous and the little light show that happens every hour is brilliant.

I can see why it is the city of romance and love. 

This was my first time abroad since moving to the UK and it was also my first holiday without my family. I loved it so much. Emily and I did stuff we wanted to and went where we wanted to. I know I'm 18 but I still need my parents' permission to do things, usually, and the freedom that I felt at Paris was something that I am going to cherish.

This Saturday I'll be moving away from home and living in Birmingham, starting a new chapter of my life at university and have the independence that I have longed for. It's going to be epic!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Head Is On Fire

I bleached my hair. Pfft. No big deal.

I tried to dye my hair purple twice but my hair was too dark. The only solution? Bleach. Argh, I know.

So I have a group chat with my friends and every now and then we just end up sending lines of GIFs back and forth. I sent one of a blonde Asian woman and jokingly said that I should go blonde. Enough encouragement was there for me to seriously think about it.

I started to look around for a decent box bleach purely because I'm too poor to afford a good bleach powder and developer separately. Initially, I was all for buying Live Color Max Blonde since I know that it is a strong brand and it did manage to dye my hair purple initially. It faded to red after a week though.

I went into Boots last Saturday before work and saw that the Live Color bleach was not allowed on previously dyed hair so I couldn't have it. I found Jerome Russell BBlonde (Yes, two Bs) next to it on the shelf. It's a bit more expensive but still looked pretty strong to battle my thick, dark, almost invincible hair.

The next day I went to my boyfriend's house and got the job done. At first, I was applying the bleach properly, using the brush to evenly distribute the bleach on my hair... And then I got impatient. About halfway through, when I was doing the back of my hair, with some help from my guy holding a mirror behind me, I started to just scoop the bleach into my hair. As a result, some parts got more bleach than others.

When I was checking on my hair, I kind of liked the colour it was midway through the development time. I sort of expected the uneven-ness because of what I did. I also got bored of waiting for all of it to reach blonde.

So now I have this cool, slightly weird fiery hair; a mixture of colour ranging from a burnt red to a bright blonde.

My head is figuratively on fire.

I like it! Some do, some don't - my family aren't fans except for my little sister. People at work like it, one of the guys pointing out that the colour "highlights my cheekbones."

I plan on keeping this for a while. My hair takes forever to grow so it'll be a while until my roots start to get too long. After that, who knows? I might go lighter or attempt to go to a purple shade. Third time lucky, maybe?

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

My Future Flat Stuff


Yes, I'm going to have a purple room. I'm also cheap and bought everything from Primark.

It's a nice colour. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

That Cushion Project

I made cushions!

I wanted to make some cushions to take with me to university so I did. There's no proper reason for making them other than me wanting something unique for my bedroom whilst I am living Birmingham.

To make the cushions, I bought everything online from Hobbycraft since they had what I wanted and I'm too lazy to go out and buy cushions and carry them back home. I didn't expect the cushions to be so big and fat and cuddly; being £3 each I didn't expect the quality to be that great but they were! I used two packs of fat quarters, a wine and a black set, for the covers. The wine set was a much better quality than the black - the pieces were thicker and therefore easier to handle. I bought some black lining fabric to make the black and white pieces look more solid and prevent you from seeing the cushion inside.

I got creative with the backs of the cushions since I started to run low on fabric really quickly. My patchwork skills are on point.

I drew the designs for the cushions in my sketchpad beforehand so I knew what I was doing and what the pieces looked like. To make the templates, I used newspaper since I'm too lazy to go out and buy pattern paper and I had everything already so I couldn't bear to wait another few days for a delivery.

The cushions are really big and they work so nicely as a set. I'm glad that the finished products turned out alright. I'm pretty proud of them. 100% Pinterest worthy.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Week On The Coast Of Yorkshire

I went to Scarborough, York, Bempton Cliffs, Filey, Bridlington and Primrose Valley. The beach was the same for all them: a long expanse of sand meeting a shallow tide of waves.

Panorama skills on point
It was good to spend a whole week being outdoors and active; that's not something I would usually do so it was nice to go and explore everything. I did some damage to my knees and feet though, aching whenever we came back to our caravan in Primrose Valley. I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with my legs; I just haven't had a check on them.

The views I took in, though, were impeccable. I tried my best to capture them through photos but I'm no photographer and I used my phone.

The actual caravan park had a huge host of ducks and the maps and signs suggested that there are otters too but I never got to see one... 

The weather whilst we were there was OK. It didn't rain much but, being the coast, it was pretty windy and cold even when the sun was out.

The first place we went to was Filey beach. The first day we went, it was cloudy. My brother seized the opportunity of the fact that the beach was near empty and wrote out his Instagram and Snapchat usernames on the beach; the idea worked and he gained more followers but I'm not going to give him the opportunity to have more by posting the photos I took of them here. 

The second day was much better and I sculpted out a fish in the sand. That was pretty much all I did that's worth mentioning.

York Minster
We also went away from the coast for the day, travelling to York and exploring what was around there. I liked how it was very local with most of the stores on the high street being small village shops. Those are always good to venture into. I couldn't really do that as much as I would have liked, though, since the places I like aren't exactly places which would interest the rest of my family; we walked past two vintage stores before I saw a book store - a charity shop called Books For Amnesty - that I could quickly run into whilst my family was in a different store. I ended up buying two books since they were so cheap: "Criminal" and "Skin Privilege" by Karin Slaughter.

The last place that we went to that I actually liked quite a bit was Scarborough castle. The view from the hill it is on was gorgeous, I could see little bits of everything from there and the coast looked really nice from high up.

There was also a cat there. I guessed it was a wild one which just happens to live here and probably helps to control the amount of mice and other small creatures around so visitors don't get scared. It doesn't mind people; my brother and I went near it and it lied down in front of us. 

On the subject of animals, we also had a duck follow us briefly at the lake at the caravan park.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x 

Friday, 24 July 2015

That Pyjama Project

I made matching pyjamas for my little sister and myself.

It only took about three hours to make the two, spread over a few days, so it was a pretty fun quick little project just to keep my sewing skills up.

My little sister helped me, of course, by being in charge of the coloured pins that I have, letting her hand them to me when I need one and also help me remove them when I'm done sewing whatever I pinned together. We made a pretty good team, you know.

I bought the fabric from the local fabric store. I bought the last bit of the fabric roll which was just enough for me to use.

The pattern I simply printed from a website online. I wish there was one for the top as well since I think it would have looked so adorable as a whole pyjama set but, oh well, you can't have everything. The pattern is just for regular pyjama bottoms but I wanted the ones I planned on making to have cuffs for the legs. I even found an adorable frilly elastic to use! It didn't take a lot of altering; I shortened the ends a little bit and made the leg section of the pattern thinner at the bottom, like joggers and harem pants, so that the elastic would fit. I still wanted them to be quite baggy though.

My little sister refers to them as our clown pants. It doesn't offend me, I get it. I think they are very clowny but oh so comfortable.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Pattern: Simplicity Pyjama Pattern