Monday, 30 June 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Going Grey

In England, it's barely ever sunny. We relish the days when the sun is out and then when it's all grey and cloudy, we all become grey and irritated as well. It makes sense that the actual colour "grey" (or "gray" for the American people) became an actual colour trend. I also think that a certain erotica had something to do with it as well...

Anyway, the colour grey is dull and, honestly, not appealing. Yet, it made it into the world of fashion as a significant colour. And not only did it make it into fashion, it also made it into the world of interior design. That's right. People have grey rooms in their homes.

An interior painted in Farrow & Ball Chemise
The Guardian
Grey and white make wonderful companions in a modern open plan space. Add a little texture and pattern, soft lighting and some carefully chosen accessories, then sit back and relax . . . .
I have quite a lot of black and white clothing already so it only makes sense for me to have a few grey pieces as well, including a lovely pyjama top that I'm currently wearing right now.

Grey trend.

I don't hate the grey trend. I wear quite a lot of shades of grey (Is this a pun?) myself. My favourite grey piece is my long knitted jumper/shrug thing. I'm not completely sure what it's classified as since I've worn it as a dress as well. I'll try and get a picture of myself in it. I've worn it nearly everyday for about a week now but I'm terrible at remembering these things so don't count on it.

Coral grey outfit- Love these colors!

I'm pretty sure that the only reason why I wear grey is because, like with all of my black and white clothing, it goes with pretty much anything. It's an underrated base colour and it does go incredibly nice with pastel shades (none of which I own. I'm more of a "bold colours" girl. I love my dark purples and reds). 

Purple and grey outfit.       This would be perfecctt!!!!

The colour grey is one of those things that sort of passed everyone by without anyone knowing. It's a colour that we've just decided to accept as a fashionable colour without really realizing it. Even the guys I hang out with wear grey and they're some of the least fashionable people I know (sorry).

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Monday, 23 June 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Loom Bands

Do you remember scoobies? Those things started in the playground but then got insanely popular over time. The fad did die, though, and I feel that the same thing will happen with loom bands.

Loom bands are awesome because you can make your own ones. I have four bracelets already and the fad literally took off only a few days ago. I'm not sure what it's like in the rest of the world but here, in the UK, the bands are being worn by nearly everyone already; it's reached celebrity status, guys!

Triple fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelet

I am not brilliant at making bands; my skills don't go any further than the fishtail bracelet. It's really bad. My little siblings bought a bunch of loom bands over the last few days and they don't use them so I've taken them and that's what I've used to create my loom bracelets. 

They're really cheap to buy and you get more than enough.

Double Cross Fishtail

Loom bands are definitely a short-term fad but I could be wrong. It's hard to say but there's only so much you can do before you're bored with them. It's definitely a child's thing and I was actually surprised that it took over as a trend nationally. When I started to make my bracelets I had no idea how popular they were already - I thought that only a few people had them.

I can write with my left hand
My bands aren't amazing but I like wearing them. It's so easy to make loads of different designs and all that. You just need the patience to do it. It's a slow process but once you get the hang of it, you're okay. It's like knitting.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Day Out: Leeds University Open Day

I went to Leeds University yesterday! I kind of went on a whim. I was supposed to go to the Winchester School of Art yesterday which is down south whereas Leeds is up north. Then, something came up and I wasn't able to go anymore. I decided to tag along with one of my friends who already booked a place at Leeds. I literally booked a place around 11pm the night before to see their Fashion Design course and their facilities.

There was a pond with ducks next to one of the buildings as well as a Costa

When we got there, we went to an information fair for a little bit before I went off on my own. My friend was interested in the History course so whilst she was off doing that, I went to a UCAS Top Tips talk. When I got to the building, it had two auditoriums inside that were right next to each other. One had the talk and the other had a taster lecture for people who wanted to do Medicine. I went accident...oops. I did realise that I was in the wrong place before it started so I got out and went to the other one, acting like nothing happened. 

After that, I went to the Fashion Design Talk. There weren't that many people there and the lecture room was about a quarter of the size of the ones at Birmingham. Their intake per year is also only 40 people a year whereas Birmingham City takes 120. You also have exams. I hate exams.

We met up again and had lunch at 3pm and I woke up at 6am. I didn't have anything to eat between those times other than 4 Belvita breakfast biscuits. I got really light headed so I really do recommend making sure you have a drink with you at all times during open days. The amount of walking we did yesterday was ridiculous.

The accomodation at the uni was also on campus as well as off campus. I preferred the one we saw - Central Villiage - that was off campus. The rooms were really big and they were all a different colour, including purple. And you also had the choice of living in a flat or in a studio room by yourself with your own kitchen and TV. Personally, I'd rather have that. I like having my own space and the rooms weren't huge like they were at some of the other accomodations. Those rooms felt really empty and I didn't like that. It doesn't mean that I'll be anti-social, I will talk to people in the common room and I'm definitely not going to isolate myself from everyone. I also prefer living in modern accomodations; houses and flats that are from the Victorian era scare me - I feel haunted whenever I'm in them. Central Villiage also had a Tesco Express at the bottom of one of the flats which was a bonus.

I think the place above is called Millenium Square but I'm not entirely sure. There were people gathering here to watch the World Cup on a big screen. After we had a look at the university, we went here and stopped by at a cafe for some snacks. My friend and her mum had tea and food but I wasn't hungry so I just had a single shot macchiato to wake me up a little bit. It didn't work. My friend and I fell asleep for the majority of the car ride back. We stopped for a little bit on the way home at a Welcome Break, I think, and I had an agonizing headache by then. I saw myself in the toilet mirrors and my eyes were so bloodshot. I looked really stoned, drunk and dying. People did look at me funny. I only realised that after I saw myself, though. I bought a bottle of water for the rest of the journey and my friend's mum was really nice and took me all the way home instead of dropping me off at a bus station like I suggested.

I had some Paracetamol and then collapsed on my bed when I got home.

Leeds university was a great place. The uni was like a small villiage. They had everything except a clothing shop.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Thursday, 19 June 2014

More Stuff In My Life

Life has been so hectic lately! I've been here, there and everywhere and it's really tiring.

So, I've recently started Extended Project at school and I can't drop any subjects until September so it's like I'm doing five A-Levels. I've been staying after school to do work which leaves me with absolutely no time to do this. I've also got fewer study periods which means work has to be done some time after school.

I'm also really busy on weekends because of open days! It's lots and lots of walking and listening so you don't really get a break to do this either. I managed to do something for the first open day but I can't guarantee a post for all open days.

I also had a job interview earlier today and I'll know if I have a job by this weekend. In the case that I do, blog posts will be affected as well. I'm not going to give up on this, though.

Basically, blog posts will go back to being a little more erratic since it is at the bottom of my priority list.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Monday, 16 June 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Oversized Tops

A very popular trend for the spring and summer months, oversized tops are the way to go when the days are a bit more humid. You have space to breath and to let air in to cool you down and I find that oversized shirts also make you look smaller.

Medium spring green and white oversized shirt with sky blue stylish jeans and black leather hand bag and leopard heels

The shapelessness of oversized tops are also ideal if you're not the most confident about your body (me included). It's like wearing a gigantic pillowcase. You have a lot more freedom to move and it's useful for days when you feel like pigging out or it you're going to a buffet for lunch or dinner.

The Tucker Off-the-Shoulder Sweater. I could wear this everyday for fall! Love leggings! Love big sweaters! Love off the shoulder shirts!

A little rocker a little grunge

With oversized tops you get a very laid back look and they're my to-go to outfit for when I'm feeling lazy or if I'm just hanging out with my friends on the weekends. My hoodies are also too big for me for the exact same reason - comfort. 

Tops like this also give you the freedom to wear whatever accessories you want. You can glam it up as much or as little as you want. Anything goes with anything since the look is so relaxed. It's kind of like an undecorated cake where the accessories are the icing and sprinkles and whatever else on top.

Oversized top, skinny jeans and a big bag. Always a winner,

christmas sweater

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Day Out: BCU Open Day

I went to Birmingham City University today! It's one of the universities that I'm definitely thinking of applying to this year; the other one is Winchester School of Art in Southampton University. I went with my friend and my dad. 

When we got there, I registered and got a bag of leaflets and stuff from the university. We also got drinks vouchers for a free drink during the day. I spent mine on a coffee, of course. I had two cups of coffee for the day and that was it. All of the student ambassadors there also had cups of coffee with them so I think I'll fit in well.

All of the Art and Design courses like Fashion Design (the course I'm applying to), Architecture and 3D Design are in a building called the Parkside Building. There's a bridge that connects it to the main building called Millennium Point where all the engineering courses happen. They were also having their own open day today so a lot of guys were there... a LOT of guys.

I dragged my dad and my friend to the Fashion Design Talk And Tour for an hour and a half. It was pretty good and I'm pretty sure that my dad was just that little bit more interested than I was. He went around looking at everything and even watched the fashion show on one of the screens for a little bit.

The garments that were on display were amazing and the portfolios were so neat. I am not a neat person. My sketchbooks are so messy and unorganised so I'm going to have to fix that when I put together a portfolio. I'm still not completely sure what should be in it but I sort of have a good idea now. My art teacher is helping me put something together and my textiles teacher is also there to help. 

I just loved the look and the size of the building. It is massive and the workshops are one of the best I've seen. The stairs are in the middle of the Parkside building and the classes and workshops are around them. It's so easy to get around that way.

I took a picture with the mascot!
Outside of the university campus there were little events and stalls as well. They had sports stalls and demos across the front of the campus. My dad played with a little robot the engineering students made. I ventured around the stalls with my friend. The student ambassadors were REALLY peppy, though. It was a bit scary. You can't see the stress on them. But, then again, they were all fuelled by a lot of coffee. There was also free popcorn there so we all had some.

The last thing we did was go on a tour of the accommodation surrounding the campus. They were only about five minutes away. They were really nice and the fact that they're all with en-suite bathrooms just makes it that little bit better. I hate sharing with strangers. The Bullring (shopping centre) is also pretty close by. It's close enough to cycle or walk to. The university has its own cinema as well!

My feet hurt from all of the walking but it was a good day. It rained for a little bit when we went outside but that didn't last long. I was in my heels as well which didn't really help.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pinterest, Open Days and Sweat

That is my life now.

I've started all of my Year 13 courses now and it's already so much. I've already had to stay after school to do things and I barely ever did that last year...

In my Art and Product Design classes, we're encouraged to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration. Considering that I'm a Pinterest addict, I see this as a good thing. I have so many boards on there just filled with things that say "Yes, this is Pauline's account." I get so distracted when I'm on there, though, so I have to bring myself back to being focused from time to time. So many things distract me now (mainly the sun fiery rage) so my focus is at an all time low.

There are so many things happening this term at school that it's difficult to keep up. There are so many things written on my cat calendar and I haven't even booked half of them yet so I'm not completely sure on what I actually am doing or not. Since I'm applying for university this year, I have to book open days to places that I want to go to. So far I've registered to go to Birmingham City University (this Saturday) with a friend and my dad and to Bucks New University (this Monday) with some other people from school. I was planning on going to Winchester School of Art as well since that is where I actually want to go but it's next Saturday and I'm not completely sure that I can wake up early and get there in time for it. I'll probably still be asleep in bed as the day is happening.

I am excited for this Saturday, though, because it's the first open day I'm going to and I've seen the place on a virtual tour. It looks awesome. The one I'm going to is also focused on Art, Fashion and Media which means I have to dress really nicely. I know everyone else will be. I have two outfits in mind. Whatever I decide not to wear will be worn for school tomorrow.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Monday, 9 June 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Bralets

I think bralets look really nice and all that but they're just not for me. To be able to pull one off, you have to have an amazing body which I don't have. I also think that they're a bit slutty... Not everyone can pull one off. I personally don't think anyone below the age of 16/17 should really be wearing one. Your boobs haven't even fully developed yet (I'm speaking to those 13 year olds that I see wearing them); there's no need for you to wear one. On the right person, in the right weather, they look really nice.

From Hostess with the Most Dress: What to Wear at Your Own Summer Party  Topshop frill crepe bralet, $72
High waisted shorts and bralet combo

Bralets have this nice vintage/retro look because they sort of resemble the top half of a halterneck rockabilly dress like the one below.
Love this! Salty and Pepper Dress, #ModCloth

With any sort of outfit, balance has to be present. Without it, the outfit doesn't work. For example, if you're wearing a baggy or loose top then you should wear tight bottoms; if you're wearing a patterned dress then you should wear plain shoes and socks or tights. With bralets, if you're going to wear one then the bottom half of your body should not be exposed as much as the top. 

Retro fabulous, high waist shorts, bralette top and a cardigan to tone down the the pin-up look when you want to be a little modest.

bralette + high-waisted skirt.

80's Purple Mirrored Aviators, Alexander Wang Silk Bralette, Zara Trousers, Tibi Heels

You have to have a certain amount of confidence with your body and yourself in order to wear a bralet confidentally. I don't have this confidence and my skin is not nice enough to put on show.

Some bralets are way too revealing but there are those that look similar to corset tops and are actually quite nice. 

Like I said, I don't think they should be worn by anyone younger than 16. It doesn't feel right or look right and you know that, at that age, they're just asking for attention. I know because I was 15 a couple of years ago. I dressed to impress as much as I could and I had an army of cropped shirts to help me. I still have those shirts but now I wear them with something underneath...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Friday, 6 June 2014

H&M Casual Summer Shoes

My old canvas shoes from Primark ripped and broke apart (no surprises there). They lasted me a long time, though, which is pretty good for a pair worth £7. I did wear them quite a lot and I guess their time had to come sooner or later. They haven't outlasted any of my other shoes at all... 

I went to the shopping centre before my exam today and bought a new pair! Initially, I was going to buy another black pair but I couldn't find one that I liked. When I went to H&M, I saw the grey pair that I bought below. They look really durable and perfect for the summer. They had white laces on them which looked okay but then I saw the purple laces by the counter and I just went "I am having those!" I am an impulse buyer. It's part of the reason why I never have money for a long time; I asked my mum for money to buy these. It was fine because I did need a new pair - I didn't buy them just because I felt like it.

They are about an inch, maybe an inch and a half, off the ground. I prefer them with the purple laces and the grey is actually a really nice colour. The laces add a girly touch and they were only £2.99. The shoes were £14.99 which isn't too bad. They're worth that price.

They look really big and chunky in the photos but they're really not. I'm only a size 7.

I also went to this new bubble tea place and the iced coffee I had was so nice. Everyone has mixed reactions to the place and the drink in general; it's literally not everyone's cup of tea.

Also, my It Works site is still up if anyone wants to buy any health and body products for toning up and clearing up. Click here. Be warned: the prices aren't cheap but the products are a really high quality.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Dress Sculptures

I'm studying dress sculptures for my Art project at the moment. I'm thinking of dropping the class since I know my grades aren't brilliant and I'm doing well in my other classes. It would also give me more time to work on things for other classes. But, I still have to go on with it until I get my results before I talk to my teachers.

Anyway, I'm studying dress sculptures for Art and I'm actually finding the whole topic interesting. Even if I drop the class, it's a good starting place for my portfolio for university. The dresses that I'm studying are beautiful and you can see the effort that's been put into them. I barely had the patience to finish my art exam piece to a high quality. The fact that I held out surprised me. There were so many rolls of paper... and so much glue... I guess I'm going to have to work on my patience. I have to for design as well since the work load is just as much.

My favourite artist at the moment (dress sculpture-wise) is Carrie Ann Schumacher. I love her dresses and the fact that she uses romance novels to make them. My overall theme is how women are represented through dress sculptures so she's a useful artist and there's so much inspiration that comes from her sculptures.

*pictures are from Pinterest and

Sculptural Paper Dress created from book pages and a hole puncher // Book Art, Carrie Anne Schumacher
Alice and the Boy She Left Behind

Never the Prom Queen
These dress sculptures are unwearable and have absolutely no function other than looking pretty. I interpret that as a reflection of what women see in novels - unattainable relationships that look pretty but would not do anything for them. These novels are so unrealistic and makes love look so perfect when it's not. It's like a lesson to everyone.

They're made of little pieces of paper that are cut into strips or circles. Some pieces are also hole-punched! It's fun. I tried it. It's difficult, though, to get the holes pressed where you want and to create a decent pattern on each piece. I know that this will keep going until the summer at least. It has to. I'll make my decision to keep the class or drop it after summer.

In other news! I have a maths exam tomorrow that I feel prepared for but I'm still scared of it as well. Also, I WAS ALLOWED TO USE AN ELECTRIC SAW AND DRILL IN PRODUCT DESIGN CLASS!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! AND I DIDN'T INJURE MYSELF OR BREAK ANYTHING! Sorry, sorry, I was pretty proud that I was able to handle power tools. I'm a textiles-pro so I don't touch anything related to wood shop... My work is pretty sloppy compared to other people, though, but it's pretty good for a first try!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Monday, 2 June 2014

Trendy Tuesday: A Miscellaneous Collection #2

I have done a miscellaneous collection before and I feel like doing another one! I am really tired and I don't really want to do a specific trend each week because that would get dull after a while. I haven't really focused on any trends this week so I don't know what to do. I have ideas for next week, though, don't worry.

Anyway, here's a miscellaneous collection of photos popular summer trends!

*All photos from Pinterest
Toddler dungarees

#fashion #style #print #glasses

I really want a dungaree dress that's either a tartan or corduroy one. I think they're adorable and suite everyone. They're a really diverse piece of clothing that are perfect for the summer weather.

Cute crop top and flared high waisted skirt

crop top and midi skirt. FUN

skater skirt!! love it | on Fashionfreax you can discover new designers, brands & trends.

Floral wedges

There really isn't a concrete colour theme for this summer. I do see florals rising up and being more prominent. Even though it's warmer, dark colours can still be seen and black tops are actually worn more often that not which is a bit weird, I guess. I don't think dark colours are going to go away this summer regardless of how how it is.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

A Day In The Life Of Me: 4 Hours Of Sleep

I haven't slept properly for the last few weeks because of study leave and it has really screwed me over. I went to bed last night at about 4am and I was tired since 10pm. Why it took me 6 hours to sleep, I don't know. All I know is that I am VERY sleep deprived right now. I'm actually glad that I am home already because I can just sit here and listen to music. I am really tired but I just can't sleep...

I got a new timetable for this half term and I really don't like it. I am able to go home early on Mondays, though, which is pretty good but all of my free periods are during times that I don't approve of. Before, they were all in the morning which gave me time to get some rest and properly wake up. I went to lessons with a false sense of being awake. It's a nice feeling. Now they're in the afternoon and I don't know what to do with that time. It'll probably be homework so that means I can't sleep.

*Don't sleep in school, kids.

The weather was also strangely beautiful today. I expected rain; that's what the weather forecast said! I wore warm clothes and I just sweated (is that a word?) all day.

I haven't really felt great lately so this doesn't help me. I don't really want to continue with the subject of school so I'm going to move on...

I don't have enough money to get fabrics and patterns but I do have friends. I asked one of them if I could have some of their old shirts to alter and mess around with. I really should have done this sooner. I'll definitely post what I end up doing once I have things with me. 

I've kind of moved away from all the fashion and clothing things that I did do on here and I just want to bring it back. I do have Trendy Tuesdays which just help me to make sure that there is something like that on here. But, I want just a bit more of it on here so, hopefully, I can do that soon.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Favourite Moments Of May 2014

I accidentally posted this on Thursday! I'm sorry. I was trying to fix something and I was on my phone and the screen is really small so my finger pressed the wrong button. It happens. I write these as I go through the month so that it's always updated which is why it was already mostly written on Thursday. Anyway...

It's June! We're bang in the middle of the exam season so, to take my mind off of what's to come - that's university open days, another maths exam, Year 13 stuff and other grown up things I have to do - here are my favourite moments of May!

  • Going to Strada with the people I call my friends >.< we had a blast!
  • Doing my Product Design exam. It was one that I was nervous for and I'm glad I came out of it alive.
  • Going to Red Hot for my dad's birthday.
  • Totally avoiding revision and reading 200 pages of A Feast of Crows instead. It wasn't the best move to make since it was the day before an exam but I don't really regret it. Also, this is not me saying "Revision isn't important" because it is. I just did it because I felt pretty confident about the exam the following day and I didn't have another one after that for a few days.
  • Watching "Despicable Me 2" with my boyfriend. I never saw it when it was on in the cinemas and I really wanted to. It took me a while but I finally got to see it! 
That's it for this month! It's already June.. I still can't process that...

I have school tomorrow! Argh! 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x