Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Walking Chocolate Bar

I have had way too much chocolate this week... Chocolate and my body do not get along and the fact that I have drowned myself in it means I have to suffer the consequences - rashes, spots, feeling sick and going red at random times. I still have a box of Celebrations to finish as well! There was a point during the day yesterday when I smelt so much like chocolate, one of my friends could pick up my scent from a distance: caramel and milk chocolate.

Anyway, yesterday, I also had some friends round for a little party after school. We had loads of food to ourselves and, of course, devoured it all like animals. We got hyper from all of the cakes and sweets and started to act like 5 year-olds for the next few hours. We climbed over each other, twisted into each other and sat on each other; we thought it would be hilarious. No one got hurt that bad but, at one point, I did have to do a backwards roll off of the sofa in order to get up. For a bunch of 16/17 year olds, you'd probably expect better from us - or the complete opposite, I don't know.

We also watched Jackass 2 and 3 last night as well (after we calmed down) and I was close to throwing up but I didn't. I can't say the same for my mum.

After everyone left, I had a sleepover with the one person that stayed behind. This one right here: 

Little Welsh Girl Blogs

It was fun and we stayed up watching Misfits on Netflix until our eyes gave up on us at around 3am...

As much as I love chocolate, I think I might go for a little while without it. I still have coffee to finish from my boyfriend and some knitting to do. I also have a job now! What? I'll tell you about that tomorrow, maybe.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Top Tips Tuesday #6

I know it's Wednesday but I got the days confused yesterday; I was convinced it was Monday when I got home. This morning, I was also slightly confused and went to my art class instead of my maths class...

Anyway, sorry for the late post but here is top tip #6:

If you're a guy and you're not the metro-sexual type of guy, stop reading. This isn't for you and will no way benefit you.

If you shave your legs and other areas and really hate to spend money of razors and shaving cream then this is one way to decrease the money spent - instead of buying shaving cream (or foam), buy some cheap hair conditioner. The results when you use conditioner is just as good if not better. 

I use Alberto Balsam hair conditioner, which is only £1 from Tesco, and even though it's the winter - the time when legs hide - it's nice to occasionally tidy your legs up.

I hope this was helpful. That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Monday, 25 November 2013

Happy 17th Birthday To Me

I'm not going to lie, I could have been a bit more excited about my birthday today. I did get some pretty awesome presents - mostly food - and an amazing one from my parents -  £25 worth of gift cards at TK Maxx and Next; and a driving lesson. Just one. We'll see how it goes before I actually commit to being in a car.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and anyone who shares the same birthday as me is automatically awesome!

 At school, it was pretty embarrassing when I walked in late. I don't like being the center of attention and the fact that only one person and my form tutor sang "happy birthday" just adds to the pain. It was pretty funny now that I think about it but I could just feel my face getting hot, at the time, from blushing...

My boyfriend got me a load of coffee related presents including an actual coffee mug from Starbucks *gasp* and 12 sachets of coffee from there as well *double gasp* 

I love coffee so much!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Friday, 22 November 2013

Reasons Why I Shouldn't Be 17 Yet

It's my birthday on Monday!

I do not feel like a 17 year old at all. Seriously, I think I should be permanently 12 sometimes.

Emotionally, I feel like I should be 17. I'm in a mature and real relationship; the days of teenage love and breaking up after 5 days is behind me. I've been with the same guy for over 18 months now, so I can honestly say that I love him and I know what love is. I can also deal with things in a sensitive way and I go out of my way to make sure everyone around me is happy and feels understood.

However, in other aspects of my life, I have not aged a day over 12...

  1. My sense of humour - I still laugh at stupid and corny jokes. I will die of laughter at any joke you tell me. If you read my tweets to my friend, Bradley, you'll know how much I love them. He's challenged me to give him a science joke everyday and I do it! My favourite joke?
      1. How do chocolate bars laugh? They snicker! *literally rolls on the floor laughing*
  2. My comebacks and insults - I still call people "meanies" and when I have nothing to say, I just hit them. Occasionally, I make a pretty good comeback to what someone says - I can be pretty rude and vulgar as well but I'm 16, how can I not do that?
  3. The way I speak - I speak like a 7 year old. People find it adorable. It's like my voice just stopped developing and maturing whilst the rest of me still kept on going. I can put on a more mature and clear voice when I have to, like in interviews and when talking with teachers, but normally I am inaudible and baby-ish.
  4. I am incredibly short - I don't like to admit it but I am. Standing tall at 5'5", I get made fun of everyday.
I'm a year away from being 18. That's scary. It means I have to do adult things and be responsible. I can't rely on other people as much and everything I do will be because of me, not other people. You can't point and blame anymore. You have to accept that you've done wrong when you've done wrong and be prepared for the consequences. 

People joke and say that I would be a good parent but I can't even look after myself!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Day In The Life of The Monster: Hail and Biscuits Dipped in Nutella

So, here's how my day went:

I woke up today at 7.45am. The bus arrives at 7.45am. I was in school five minutes before the bell rang, which was lucky.

During registration, I got asked to help out during our school's open evening for sixth form - I'm going to be helping with the Volunteering and Enrichment stall. I'd much rather be in the Art stall but that already has 2 people.

Maths was okay. We were learning vocabulary for plotting and sketching graphs which was actually really easy. We also had whiteboard so my friend and I spent the lesson writing messages to each other and drawing on each other with the pen.

Then, it was break. It rained and I had stuff to do which meant having to go from building to building. I appreciate that our school is massive and can't be just one big building but today was just ridiculous. I got soaked! When break did end, I was so glad to finally be inside and in the warmth. Guess what happened? The fire bell rang... It was raining, cold and dark. I wanted to be inside!

Did anyone else get caught in the hail? I did. I had to go from the library to the building where I have Art lessons. I ran. I got pelted with hail and my face hurt by the time I got there. My head was dry, though, because I had a hood on my coat. Some people weren't so lucky. I did have to hold it on my head though - there were moments when my face was fully exposed to the white bullets of the sky. Thank you, British weather, for reminding everyone why we hate you...

I didn't leave the building until lunch. The rain/hail/sleet/wind did die down but the warmth of the inside was pretty inviting and I honestly didn't mind. My friends were on the other side of the school and there was no way I was making that trek during break and then walk all the way back after.

After lunch, I had Stats class which was pretty relaxing. I forgot my Stats book which had everything I needed for the lesson so I had to rewrite everything again to make sure I didn't fall behind.

I stayed behind after school to do more Art work. My book wasn't there... My teacher took it to put into our school art show. A compliment, I must say, but I wish she told me first. So, I went to my Design class and stayed there until 5pm doing my homework. Outside, it was pitch black and terrifying. I had a five minute walk ahead of me which I did not look forward to. A person in my year group walked with me for part of the way but, after that, I was completely alone.

I got home around 6pm which was roughly 20 minutes ago. Right now, I'm eating biscuits dipped in Nutella. I can barely feel my fingers as I'm typing this but I'm fighting my way through it. I don't really feel like doing any more work but I don't have anything due tomorrow so it's fine.

Being a sixth former is exhausting!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Top Tips Tuesday #4 and #5

I forgot about last week so here's two tips for you today:

Tip 1
Everyone goes through the day doing a load of things and, sometimes, you get extremely busy you forget to do one thing. Whether it's a big or small task, it's something that needs to be done. So, what do we do about it?

I got this idea from one of the other volunteers at our charity shop. She's giving me her sewing machine since she doesn't know what to do with it and needed a way to remind herself. 

Want to guess what she did? 

She wrote the reminder on a post-it note, folded it and put it in her bra. That way, she'll get the reminder when she gets changed and she won't forget. If the reminder isn't really needed until the next day or two, she can re-write the reminder on her calendar, schedule etc. It sounds weird but it does work. 

Tip 2
If you're an arty person like myself, you might find this tip very useful. 

So, if you spend your life drawing with pencils, oil pastels, charcoal etc. (basically, any type of media that smudges) you need a can of hairspray within your arsenal of art supplies.

After you finish your piece of art, pray the whole thing with hairspray and leave it to dry. The hairspray stops it from smudging. If you're like me and you're currently doing art coursework, this is extremely handy. You'll be reassured that your piece won't get smudged if you put it into your art book or folder.

With black and white pencil drawings, the white spaces will stay white. No grey dust will creep into it!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Hey, I haven't really had the chance in any of my previous posts to say thanks so here I go:

Thank you so much for coming back over and over again to this blog and reading my stupid and random blog. It does mean a lot. I never encourage people to read my blog but knowing that people do just makes me feel happy inside (cheesy, I know, but true).

I reached 6,000 views a few days ago and the number just keeps rising! I also want you all to know that you're all awesome and I love you. 

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Shopping Lists


This project is actually falling into place. We had a meeting today since everything just went hectic over the last few weeks.

We've decided to move our culture fair to the 30th November, giving us more time to get everything sorted. I've been given the job of finding the prices of everything we need and making sure that it doesn't go over £100. So far, we've "spent" £22 which is pretty amazing since that covers almost everything already. We also moved the location of our fair to our school because it's easier to get to and we know the place already so we can set everything up quickly the day before.

I spent a while comparing prices for each of the things we need on various websites. I'm quite tired now... Maths exhausts my brain.

Plan for tomorrow:
  • Read the book I got today.
  • Blog some more.
  • Design homework.
  • Maybe Statistics homework.
  • Maybe English revision.
  • Maybe Art coursework.
  • Maybe sleep early.
The maybes are there because I want to relax but I also want to get work over with already.

My first task for tonight is to get a new top. I got pasta sauce on the one I'm wearing now...

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Friday, 15 November 2013

Squirrel Monkeys

It's Friday! I'm in a very good mood today. It's not weird... just... unusual. I've been jumping, running, spinning and being generally hyperactive during the whole day. I'm calm now, though. Kind of.

I woke up half an hour late today so I had to make sure I didn't miss the second bus to school(that's right, our place gets two). The first one arrives at 7.45am and the other at 8.30am. When I got to school, I was pretty tired.

By lunch, I was hyper, giggly and very awake. I was begging for a squirrel monkey! Those little creatures are adorable and I want one as a pet. I've been begging for one since yesterday (I know I won't get one anytime soon but the thought of having one is just awesome). I was extremely giggly in Design class but I did do the work, don't worry guys. Alongside the work I was doing, a friend and I did some doodling. I had given up on work for a little bit and so had he so we drew this:

Sketch of a frog on a lake
This drawing is only about 15cm tall
This started as a simple ask from him to draw a frog. So, I did. Then, we just started to draw a scene around it and we ended up with a silly little frog on a rock. This took us about 5 minutes - we both drew different parts of the drawing - and, funnily enough, this did give me some ideas for my work; I'm drawing bag handles and I got some ideas for shapes to use.

I was still pretty giggly by the time I got home and I think everyone just had about enough of me by the end of the day.

Also, I know it's Fashion Friday but I have two reasons for not doing one this week:
  • I didn't know what to write about this week.
  • Whenever I had the time to write a post, I considered using it up to do some coursework.
You can check out some previous posts by clicking here.

...I still want a squirrel monkey...

That's all for now.Stay beautiful x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

50 Questions Tag

So, all blog tags seem to be a list of questions these days...

Nevertheless, I will answer them! I was tagged by Carys Higgins (Little Welsh Girl) so let's get on with it...

  1. Where were you 3 hours ago? In Statistics class
  2. Who are you in love with? Food... I mean... my boyfriend, of course (but also food)
  3. Have you ever eaten a crayon? Probably. I was a really stupid kid
  4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? The blanket on the sofa
  5. When is the last time you went to the mall? Quite a long time ago. I spend more time on the highstreet
  6. Are you wearing socks right now? Nope and my toes are freezing
  7. Does your family have a car worth over $2,000? Yes
  8. When was the last time you drove out of town? When I went to the Halloween party a few weeks ago
  9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? No, I have Netflix at home...
  10. Are you hot? I am as a hot as an ice cream in the Antartic
  11. What was the last thing you had to drink? Blackcurrant juice
  12. What are you wearing right now? My blue dress from h&m
  13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? We go to the car wash
  14. Last food that you ate? A brioche filled with Lotus biscuit spread. NOM >.<
  15. Where were you last week at this time? In my bedroom knitting like a granny
  16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? Nope and I really need to!
  17. When is the last time you ran? Quite a while ago. I have a bike though...
  18. What's the last sporting event you watched? Rugby on TV
  19. What is your favorite animal? A meerkat
  20. Your dream vacation? A holiday with my friends at Disneyworld. The children there would be more mature...
  21. Last person's house you were in? My friend's house in Somewhere-you're-not-allowed-to-know
  22. Worst injury you've ever had? I cracked my head open once
  23. Have you been in love? Yes <3
  24. Do you miss anyone right now? No, but I want more of that brioche I made...
  25. Last play you saw? Does my boyfriend's drama performance count? I'm not really a play person
  26. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex? My adorableness :3
  27. What are your plans for tonight? To do my Literature homework, shower and then sleep
  28. Who is the last person you sent a MySpace message or comment? Eww. MySpace.
  29. Next trip you are going to take? To the land of dreams
  30. Ever go to camp? I've been campING
  31. Were you an honor roll student in school? Does that exist here?
  32. What do you want to know about the future? If I end up with my dream job
  33. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne? I usually wear perfume
  34. Are you due sometime this year for a doctor's visit? I don't think so
  35. Where is your best friend? Probably at home - eating food and watching TV like me
  36. How is your best friend? Okay, I hope.
  37. Do you have a tan? All of the time
  38. What are you listening to right now? Big Bang Theory on TV
  39. Do you collect anything? Keychains, Hoodies, Patterned tights, Watches, Shorts
  40. Who is the biggest gossiper you know? I don't want to name people 
  41. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over? I don't drive
  42. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw? Yes
  43. What does your last text message say? "Yay you" - Carys
  44. Do you like hot sauce? I will put hot sauce on anything I can
  45. Last time you took a shower? Last night
  46. Do you need to do laundry? There's a never ending pile of clothes upstairs
  47. What is your heritage? Filipino and Spanish
  48. Are you someone's best friend? Yes, of course!
  49. Are you rich? I don't know what defines that but I know I have about £20 in the bank
  50. What were you doing at 12AM last night? I was on and Facebook on my phone
 I tag anyone who is reading this!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Monday, 11 November 2013

Acceptance: Typhoon

A typhoon hit the Philippines a few days ago. When I heard the news, I didn't exactly feel shocked. Things like this, although not usually as extreme, always happens to the country and I've seen or heard about events like this too many times; I've numbed myself from feeling anything when things like this happens.

This post isn't exactly an Acceptance post for you. It's one for me. I need to accept that I am more than fortunate that I've left the country and I haven't been back since. I really hope that I can someday but there is that fear that the one day I go back, I end up as part of a disaster like this. I know it sounds selfish but we all want to protect ourselves.

Everyone dies. That won't change and it's something that everyone needs to acknowledge. The people in Tacloban City are suffering and about 10,000 are dead. People are stealing, fighting and scavenging to survive since help isn't getting there fast enough. Everyone's doing there part and millions have been donated to charities to help them. The only question is: will the money actually get there? There's enough money to rebuild the city. To feed everyone too. The country itself has two classes: The very rich and the very poor. There are slums next to developed cities and towns. The Philippines was once a place where everyone loved everyone. Now, everyone fends for themselves. It's not a safe country.

People that I used to go to school with are no longer with us. People I used to live with are no longer with us. I'm not from Tacloban City and I know how it feels to lose someone you once knew. But, losing 10,000? No way.

You all know I'm doing NCS. Our project is to do an East-Asian Culture fair. At first, this was just an idea that sprouted from the fact that most of the people in our group are East-Asian. Now, we have a real reason to do this. We're also raising money for the Red Cross. I'd really appreciate it if you donated some money too.

I'm not religious but I really hope that someone out there is watching those people and is keeping them safe.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Knit Problem

It's Saturday and, as always, I spent my morning volunteering. I woke up TWO HOURS LATE! Oh my goodness, I woke up at 9am. That's the time I should be in the shop by...

Anyway, whilst I was in the shop, I did the usual - hanging up clothes, making sure everything's neat, watching the shop in case people steal things. Then, I remembered that we had a massive vase full of knitting needles. I taught myself how to knit a few days ago with my chopsticks (how Asian am I?) and I wanted to try and actually make something. Since I have no functioning sewing machine, this is the next best thing. It is just as time consuming as well. I looked through the vase and found a pair that has an 8mm diameter and one that has a 5mm diameter.

It's an upside down picture, sorry

After volunteering, I had some shopping to do. I bought some yarn to actually knit with and a birthday card for my friend. Then, I had to go to some more shops to buy some stuff my parents told me to buy. After 30 mins, I had my hands full with: 4 rolls of kitchen towels; a big pack (18 rolls) of toilet rolls; 1kg pack of sugar; a load of shampoos, soaps, and conditioners. I know now how it feels to walk around the town centre with a load of stuff. I don't know how people do it. The weight wasn't the problem but the amount of stuff was. I seriously can't wait for the day I get a car and a license.

I've already started knitting a scarf as well. I spent the whole of last night practising different stitches and I want to make something simple before the more difficult stuff. This is now my current mini-project. I'm still in the progress of making a plush doll as well. Without a sewing machine, it is taking me forever!

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Just A Little Talk

It's been a while since I've actually done a proper blog post. I've taken up the last few days with some NCS stuff as well as yesterday's tag post so this is the first time in a long time that my own words are actually being read right now.

So, what's up, Pauline?

Well, I'm still doing the NCS programme and I won't be finishing that until the end of this month so that should be fun. We're hopefully going to be doing a culture fare at the Stadium:MK which should be fun. If anyone reading this lives around the area, you're more than welcome to email me for some more information. We want quite a lot of people there to help raise money and all that.

I've also been...quieter...calmer...just generally more shy. I've noticed this myself and I don't really know what's going on with me. I do know that people are starting to notice so if any of my friends from school are reading this, I'm absolutely fine! I might need a hug every now and then though. Other than that, I'm still the weirdo that people like to be around.

School is also going okay, I guess. Two lessons a day doesn't sound like much but the amount of work and homework we're given is more than enough to deal with. I am really glad that I'm one of the few with a study period every day. I get most of my homework done during those times and, with whatever I don't do, I can squeeze some time for it during the weekends.

I'm also back on track with my blogging. I've got something planned for my collaboration blog with Amazing Alex this Friday so be sure to check that out. If you want to look at all of the previous posts on there then click here.

Also, I want to do some guest posts for anyone who wants one from me. Likewise, I welcome anyone who wants to be a guest on my blog as well. 

I really want to do more Acceptance posts as well since I've only done two. There aren't really any big issues going on right now so I don't really know what to talk about... Any suggestions would be helpful.

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

This or That Beauty Tag

So, I got tagged by Phoebs from Geek Chic Notes! You all know I love doing tags and I take the chance to do them whenever I can. Those moments are rare but they do exist. Let's get on with it, then...

  • Blush or Bronzer - Blush. I have never tried bronzer before.
  • Lipgloss or lipstick - Lipgloss (lipstick when I do costume-type makeup)
  • Eyeliner or Mascara - Definitely eyeliner. I only put mascara on when I have time to do it neatly.
  • Foundation or Concealer - Neither. I prefer to have a plain face but I wear both when I have to.
  • Neutral or Coloured Eye-shadow - Colour since I love wearing black or silver eyeshadow.
  • Pressed or Loose Eye-shadow - Pressed. I prefer the more solid colour you get.
  • Brushes or Sponges - Sponges when it comes to things like foundation and eye-shadow and a fine brush for my eyeliner.

  • OPI or China Glaze - I haven't tried either of those brands so I can't choose.
  • Long or Short - Long since you can add more patterns onto them.
  • Acrylic or Natural - Acrylics all the way!
  • Brights or Dark - Depends on my mood.
  • Flower or No Flower - No flower.

  • Perfume or Body Spirits - Perfume.
  • Lotion or Body Butter - Lotion.
  • Body Wash or Soap - Body wash.
  • Lush or Other Bath Companies - Dove.

  • Jeans or Sweatpants - Again, this depends on my mood.
  • Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve - Short
  • Dresses or Shorts - Shorts all the way!
  • Stripes or Plaid - Stripes
  • Flip flops or Sandals - Sandals
  • Studs or Dangled Earrings - Studs. I feel safer wearing them.
  • Necklace or Bracelets - I've actually been rejecting my jewellery recently. Bracelets.
  • Heels or Flats - Both!
  • UGGs or Combat Boots - UGGs (don't kill me)
  • Jacket or Hoodie - Hoodies! They're awesome!
  • Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe - I don't really know either brands. Forever 21 is more popular.
  • Saks 5 or Nordstorm - I don't know but Nordstorm sounds cooler.

  • Curly or Straight - Straight
  • Bun or Ponytail - Ponytail
  • Bobby pins or Butterfly clips - Bobby pins (they're a lot more secure)
  • Hairspray or Hair gel - Hairspray
  • Long or Short - Short!

  • Rain or Shine - Shine
  • Summer or Winter - Winter (I really don't like rain though...)
  • Fall or Spring - Fall (or Autumn)
  • Chocolate or Vanilla - Chocolate!!
  • East Coast or West Coast - East Coast because I'm East-Asian >.<

And that's everything! I overuse exclamation marks, I know.

Anyway, it's now my turn to tag people so I tag:

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Top Tips Tuesday #3


Fringes are the most underestimated feature of hair. If you get your fringe cut incorrectly or you get the wrong kind for your face, you won't look as nice as you hoped. 

Fringes (or bangs) are there to highlight and hide certain parts of your face. 

To know which fringe is right for you, I suggest you do some research. The best help, for me, was Michelle Phan. Her website answers pretty much any fashion or beauty related problem and her website is the first thing I will go to.

Here is her advice on fringes: 

Anyway, the fringe you should have depends on your face shape. This is why some people can't pull off a full fringe across the forehead but some people look stunning with it. The amount of hair also accounts for this. 

I've had my share of fringe fails but now I know I look best with a side fringe. 

Also, if you're brave enough, cut your own fringe. You'll know what to do once it gets too long and you'll know what looks best. A hairdresser can't always do what you want. I cut my own fringe every now and then. Just make sure you don't accidentally snip your finger like I did...

I cut my fringe last night:

As you can see, my fringe is swept to the side and slants across the top of my eye. This hides the widest points of my face - I have a heart shaped face so the width between my cheeks is really wide. The fringe hides this a bit and makes my face look thinner.

I hope this was helpful. That's all for now. Stay beautiful x

Monday, 4 November 2013

NCS: Day Four

The last day!

I actually managed to wake up this time. We had to tidy our cabin before our first activity which was a lot of hard work. Compared to everyone else's rooms, ours was like a pig's sty; we had towels hanging off the bunks, bras everywhere, clothes piled up on the floor and shoes around the front door of the cabin. It took a while but we managed to do it. It only took us about half an hour...

Because it was Halloween, there were a few members of the PGL staff that dressed up and they're make-up was beyond amazing. The ones dressed as zombies spent the morning terrifying people and running around. They also stayed true to their costumes by purposely walking into the doors and fences whilst people passed on the other side.

Anyway, after that, we got to go on the giant swings. It was weird! During the first swing your body freezes and it's like you died for a second. After that, it's actually pretty relaxing.

This is only about half way up
The time you spend getting pulled to the top of the swing is scary. The ground just moves further away and you have to stay up there until you're given the all clear to go. I was so lucky I was with a close friend. I did scream pretty loud as well.

After that was our last ever meal there - lunch. I had another sandwich; they're really nice!

Archery followed and, honestly, it was nice to end with something really easy and quiet.

Archery is something I'm actually pretty good at.
^ That's me getting ready to destroy everyone.
I hit the centre of the target 4 times.
The other 4 times I hit the red circle around the centre.
Don't mess with me, guys! I'm like a woman version of Robin Hood.

We got on the coaches at around 2pm and we got back to the stadium at 4.30pm-ish. My dad was already there to take me home and I think I was on the verge of dying from all of the muscle pains.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

NCS: Day Three

I woke up late and, as a result, I went to breakfast in my pyjamas... I got out of the onesie and changed out of my pyjama shorts into some jogging bottoms but I had to put a hoodie on since I didn't have time to change completely.

I had breakfast then I went back to out cabin to change into more suitable clothes. Our first activity was Jacob's Ladder. If you don't know what that is then I suggest you look it up - I couldn't take my phone with me to take pictures. I went up the ladder with two of the guys on our team. We all got to the top the fastest out of everyone. We had a good system going and, since I was the shortest, I got lifted up by them to the higher steps.

Then it was lunch. I forgot what I had...

After lunch we did raft building. Everyone took part in this. Each team had to build a raft that could float and carry most of the team members. Our raft could carry eight people (there's fifteen people per team) and it didn't fall apart like one of the other ones. We did, however, fall in every now and then. I didn't but I was so close to doing so. We had raft battles with the other teams and we all came back soaking wet.

After a nice shower, I went back to the cabin and collapsed on my bed. I stayed there until dinner.

We were supposed to have a bonfire after eating but it rained. British weather...

Anyway, we stayed indoors and played Dragons' Den (BBC Show) where our challenge was to turn the park into something else that would better the community. We decided to make it into a family holiday centre like Center Parcs. We should have won!

After chilling out for a bit, I decided to shower and sleep. I was alone in the cabin for about an hour until my cabin buddies returned; they got caught playing hide and seek at 11pm.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

NCS: Day Two

I woke up at around 7.15am and I was quite tired and annoyed. I don't usually wake up until 12pm during term breaks...

Anyway, I wasn't the most difficult to wake up; the person sleeping below me was. We literally dragged her out of bed and she still slept on the floor.

Breakfast was at 7.45am (this was the same everyday) so we had to be up and ready to eat by 7.30 since they had to make sure that we were all there. Breakfast consisted of your basics - toast, cereal, yoghurt - and a main meal which was either a full English breakfast (bacon, eggs, sausages and beans) or porridge. The porridge did not look safe and, according to the people who ate it, it tasted terrible. It's a good thing I didn't try any!

Our first activity after that was canoeing so I had to change into my swimsuit and then I wore clothes on top of it because it was freezing cold. We got to canoe down the river on the outside of the park so I got tired just walking there. Whilst we were actually in the river our boat didn't capsize at all. I'm pretty proud of that considering that I thought we would be the first ones to do so. But, some other people weren't as lucky and one particular canoe turned over about four or five times. We also played fruit salad by joining the canoes side by side (we held on to them) and then moving around between them. It wasn't scary at all but it was pretty intense. No one wanted to fall in.

After that was lunch - I had a sandwich, salad and juice. Then we went on the zip-wire. The park had about 4 and I think we went on the longest on. It run across the top of the slope of a hill we were on and the river at the bottom.

I absolutely hate my teeth
Also, I didn't bother with make up at all so I had my natural face for the whole trip
This isn't me

After the zip-wire, we did some puzzle solving around the woods which was more fun than it sounds, I swear.

By dinner, the pain of the canoeing started on my arms and legs.

That night was also a fun one for us. We got to mess around a lot more compared to the night before. We did group skipping, crab football, walking football, and drama class where we had to have an argument using numbers only.


- ONE!
- TWO!
- three...
- Six
- Seven

When that was all over and done with, we had the chance to choose if we wanted to watch a football match, a movie or go do homework. My friends and I went to do some homework. Nerdy, yes, but necessary.

<3 Statistics homework
I just had a shower and slept after all of that. I swapped onesies with one my cabin friends that night as well.

NCS: Day One

As promised, here is my little diary of my days away at PGL Boreatton Park.

Day One
The day started off a lot earlier than I would normally wake up during the half term. The whole group met up at the StadiumMK around 10am (early! So early!) and we got split into five groups - these were going to be the project groups we would be in for the whole programme. I was with most of the people from my school as well as others. We got on the coaches at around 11am and then headed off to Shropshire. The journey itself was about 2-3 hours long.

When we got there, we met the PGL staff that was with us for the 4 days we were there. They were really cool and they were more like our friends than our instructors. Whenever we called them "Miss" or "Sir" they told us not to do that and call them by their name instead. We then got settled the cabins and moved around if we wanted to. I ended up in a cabin with five other people that I'm really close too. There were three bunks in each room and I got the top one by the wall.
I'm sorry for the blurry photo.
Our first little activity was dodge-ball. It was just to kill time because we arrived early. Dinner was after that at around 5.30pm. The food there was so nice!

After that we did some more little activities - the photography challenge and song writing. The photography challenge was fun; we had to take pictures and videos of various things. I was in the photo for the silliest hat - I put a yellow wet floor cone on my head - and I was also in a photo where we had to write "NCS" using our group - I was the bottom of the "C." During song writing, we had to write a chant that represented our team. We decided to keep it simple and we did a chant that was a call and response. Our little twist was that we repeated it in different languages since we were quite a linguistic bunch.

Then, at around 11pm, it was time to sleep! I slept in my new pyjamas and onesie.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Maria Yvonne Nette

I know it's past Halloween but better late than never, right?

So, this year I went as Maria Yvonne Nette the marionette puppet. Don't bother looking up "Maria Yvonne Nette" because I highly doubt that she actually exists; I made the name up because "Maria Nette" sounds like "marionette" and then I added a middle name. I'm sad, I know.

Anyway, here are the pictures:

I wore a plain red skirt, tights and my platform boots for the bottom of this little outfit.

Initially, I was going to be a zombie Dora the Explorer but my trainers got soaked during NCS a few days ago. 

If you have any pictures of your costumes then feel free to share them in the comments below or tweet me: @thatpurmonster

That's all for now. Stay beautiful x